Back in Huntington

Well, its been a few weeks since my last update an a bit has happened in between. Mine and Lauren’s California adventure has ended, but there were a few excursions before we left. We went down to San Diego for a weekend and got to explore the gaslamp district, mission beach, and La Jolla Cove. We also went up to SF for another weekend. We stayed one night in Palo Alto and two nights in Oakland. While we were there we got to see an awesome concert in a beautiful park that was essentially a natural amphitheater; we also hung out at Dolores Park and went to an interesting follow-up to the gay pride parade. Then it was off to Napa where we did a wine tour that took us to four local vineyards and we stayed the night up there. The morning after our wine tour we had to drive back down to LA to catch our flight to NY the next morning. Unfortunately, due to the current conflict between Gaza and Israel I had to cancel my birthright trip and hold off on my Israel and Budapest adventure. This did mean that I got the chance to spend a few days with family and friends at Fire Island instead which was pretty relaxing. Now I’ve got just a few weeks before its off to Barcelona.





Las Vegas for the fourth of July was CRAZY!!! We got to Ceasers Palace around 1am on Thursday and immediately headed out to Hakkasan to find Sharon. She was gone by the time we got there but we ended up staying for a few hours before calling it a night. The next morning we got up around 10 or 11 and started preparing for Afrojack at Wet Republic for the afternoon. The show was amazing, and once you get past how gross it is, the water was really nice. Everyone was really into the music and Lauren and I met some awesome Canadians who were in Vegas for a bachelor party. Our dinner plans got cancelled and I ended up just eating a bunch of snacks to sustain me before it was time to head out to Martin Solveg. Alon and his friend tried to come along with us and only made it in after a stop at the ATM. The show wasn’t all that great in the beginning but started to pick up around 1. We were beat from a long day so we didn’t stay out too late. The next morning was Calvin Harris and although there was a lot of hype for it, I didn’t enjoy the show as much as Afrojacks. Our dinner plans ended up getting canceled again so it was pizza and Chinese food instead. Saturday night we went to Morgan Page which ended up being an amazing show. The music was great and they were dropping money into the crowd. After we returned to the hotel we were confronted by Alon who proceeded to shout an order of potatoes and brownies to the room service staff. Somehow they managed to understand him and I had the best freakin brownie of my life. The next day it was finally time to gamble. After Dirk explained the ropes of Craps we played for a few hours and I ended up winning $200. The ride home took 8 hours because of stupid traffic but all in all it was an amazing weekend.

Weekend in SF

Got to spend an amazing weekend in San Francisco last weekend with Lauren. I got out of work a little early and we were on the road by 2. We took the desert route to try to make it to dinner with Joe, Ben, and Kaan in time. It was during that this lovely 6 hours of straight desert and dry grasslands that we found that the AC in my car doesn’t really work. Unfortunately we missed dinner and didn’t have too much time to relax before having to leave Palo Alto to go to the Chainsmokers. We hopped on a train and got into SF only to find that the trains stopped running at midnight and we had no way home. Luckily we ran into Mo waiting on line and he said we could crash at his place for the night. The show was alright, a little too cluby for me and I ended up spending way too much, but oh well, such is life. After falling asleep on Mo’s couch and waking up four hours later in his bed, Lauren, Joe, and I left his place to get some breakfast. Afterwards we met up with a few CMU people and hung out at RG apartment for the afternoon. We took a train back to Palo Alto and napped until the early evening. Lauren and I were going to head back into SF on Saturday night but ended up missing our train by a second. After standing for a minute on an empty platform we hunting down a nearby fireworks show that we heard and followed that up with some ice cream and a quick tour of Palo Alto. On Sunday we drove back into SF for the Gay Pride Parade. On the way in we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge for some nice sight-seeing and a quick photo-shoot (see picture). I wasn’t sure what to expect from the parade and found that it was an opportunity for some great people watching. We only were there for about two hours but it was fun and festive and there were some pretty interesting outfits and people. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we had to pass on driving along the coast and the way back and opted for the dessert instead. It was a quick and easy drive after consuming 3 shots of espresso and I was still able to get some sleep before work today.

A weekend at Disneyland

Working 9/80 has been pretty nice so far. Its given me the chance to explore the happiest place on earth while avoid the weekend crowds. I got to spend a whole day at Disneyland and another day at California Adventure. In my professional opinion Disneyland is better than California adventure by a long shot. I was really impressed with the Pirate of the Caribbean and the Indiana Jones attractions. And for my next three day weekend – Vegas


New job, new city, a great start to the summer

Well, I am a week into my summer here in LA and I feel like I am starting to get the hang of Cali life. It took a few days but I finally learned about In-and-Out’s secret menu and got caught in some terrible traffic on The 405. Moving into an unfurnished studio wasn’t as terrible of an idea as my mom had made it out to be; between Craigslist and IKEA finding some cheap furniture was easy enough and now I feel all settled in and ready for the real adventures to start. Which is perfect because Lauren flies in tomorrow and I have Monday off for Memorial day, so I’m all set up to start exploring SoCal.