Weekend in SF

Got to spend an amazing weekend in San Francisco last weekend with Lauren. I got out of work a little early and we were on the road by 2. We took the desert route to try to make it to dinner with Joe, Ben, and Kaan in time. It was during that this lovely 6 hours of straight desert and dry grasslands that we found that the AC in my car doesn’t really work. Unfortunately we missed dinner and didn’t have too much time to relax before having to leave Palo Alto to go to the Chainsmokers. We hopped on a train and got into SF only to find that the trains stopped running at midnight and we had no way home. Luckily we ran into Mo waiting on line and he said we could crash at his place for the night. The show was alright, a little too cluby for me and I ended up spending way too much, but oh well, such is life. After falling asleep on Mo’s couch and waking up four hours later in his bed, Lauren, Joe, and I left his place to get some breakfast. Afterwards we met up with a few CMU people and hung out at RG apartment for the afternoon. We took a train back to Palo Alto and napped until the early evening. Lauren and I were going to head back into SF on Saturday night but ended up missing our train by a second. After standing for a minute on an empty platform we hunting down a nearby fireworks show that we heard and followed that up with some ice cream and a quick tour of Palo Alto. On Sunday we drove back into SF for the Gay Pride Parade. On the way in we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge for some nice sight-seeing and a quick photo-shoot (see picture). I wasn’t sure what to expect from the parade and found that it was an opportunity for some great people watching. We only were there for about two hours but it was fun and festive and there were some pretty interesting outfits and people. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we had to pass on driving along the coast and the way back and opted for the dessert instead. It was a quick and easy drive after consuming 3 shots of espresso and I was still able to get some sleep before work today.


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