Las Vegas for the fourth of July was CRAZY!!! We got to Ceasers Palace around 1am on Thursday and immediately headed out to Hakkasan to find Sharon. She was gone by the time we got there but we ended up staying for a few hours before calling it a night. The next morning we got up around 10 or 11 and started preparing for Afrojack at Wet Republic for the afternoon. The show was amazing, and once you get past how gross it is, the water was really nice. Everyone was really into the music and Lauren and I met some awesome Canadians who were in Vegas for a bachelor party. Our dinner plans got cancelled and I ended up just eating a bunch of snacks to sustain me before it was time to head out to Martin Solveg. Alon and his friend tried to come along with us and only made it in after a stop at the ATM. The show wasn’t all that great in the beginning but started to pick up around 1. We were beat from a long day so we didn’t stay out too late. The next morning was Calvin Harris and although there was a lot of hype for it, I didn’t enjoy the show as much as Afrojacks. Our dinner plans ended up getting canceled again so it was pizza and Chinese food instead. Saturday night we went to Morgan Page which ended up being an amazing show. The music was great and they were dropping money into the crowd. After we returned to the hotel we were confronted by Alon who proceeded to shout an order of potatoes and brownies to the room service staff. Somehow they managed to understand him and I had the best freakin brownie of my life. The next day it was finally time to gamble. After Dirk explained the ropes of Craps we played for a few hours and I ended up winning $200. The ride home took 8 hours because of stupid traffic but all in all it was an amazing weekend.


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