Back in Huntington

Well, its been a few weeks since my last update an a bit has happened in between. Mine and Lauren’s California adventure has ended, but there were a few excursions before we left. We went down to San Diego for a weekend and got to explore the gaslamp district, mission beach, and La Jolla Cove. We also went up to SF for another weekend. We stayed one night in Palo Alto and two nights in Oakland. While we were there we got to see an awesome concert in a beautiful park that was essentially a natural amphitheater; we also hung out at Dolores Park and went to an interesting follow-up to the gay pride parade. Then it was off to Napa where we did a wine tour that took us to four local vineyards and we stayed the night up there. The morning after our wine tour we had to drive back down to LA to catch our flight to NY the next morning. Unfortunately, due to the current conflict between Gaza and Israel I had to cancel my birthright trip and hold off on my Israel and Budapest adventure. This did mean that I got the chance to spend a few days with family and friends at Fire Island instead which was pretty relaxing. Now I’ve got just a few weeks before its off to Barcelona.


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